Posted by: solarastronomy2009 | March 26, 2009

100 Hours of Astronomy, and SunDay, is coming


Only few days left for 100 Hours of Astronomy to start ( 2-5 April ). Take a look to the myriad of events organized everywhere, everyday and of every kind. As the motto says, make it happen.


Among these events there are many sun related ones. Take a look to the solar filtered list. you should also take a look on your national webpage. Some events are recorded on their national webpages instead of the global project page. This is specially true for non-English speaking countries.

Everyday of 100 Hours there s featured activity. And the last day, as you know is the Sun Day. We encourage you, again, to find events near you or even make your own using our guides.

Remember, make it happen, … and send us the pictures!

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