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Listen to a Solar radio Burst

The Sun emits mostly on the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum. But it also emits on others, like X-rays, Infrareds, … and also radio. These news update concentrates on radio emissions from the Sun. These radio waves can be converted into human audible frequencies (for educational purposes). That means that you can “listen”  to the Sun in radio.

Want to listen to one of those? Yesterday Thomas  Ashcraft, in New Mexico recorder and processed one particular radio burst from the Sun. You can listen to the burst here:


On visible ranges we can even see this disruption. Here thanks to STEREO SECCHI instrument. On the movie that loads, look for the sudden change.:


These disruption are one of the many aspects of space weather. See for example, the effect of a strong Solar Radio Burst 2 years ago. Look on the Resources page for more information about space weather.

Coming back to radio frequencies, here is another example of one of these Radio Bursts, again converted into audible frecuencies:


Link to first audio sent by Manoj Pai, thanks!

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